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Below are some frequently asked questions we have answered in detail. If you do not find your question here, you are welcome to contact us so we can help answer it for you.

Can Fokus Health be my primary health care contact?

No, Fokus Health does not replace your primary care physician. You should continue to seek medical advice and guidance from your primary care physician. The staff and dietitians at Fokus Health may also suggest you to follow up regarding specific areas of focus with your primary care physician.

Is Fokus Health covered by insurance?

Yes, if you have Registered Dietitian coverage in your health benefits plan or extended health benefits, you should ask for staff for an invoice, Fokus Health also have direct billing, so be sure to inquire about it. Registered Dietitian services are also commonly covered in Health Spending Account plans; check your policy and account details to clarify.

What is included in my plan?

Depending on what program you have signed up for, the services included within your plan may differ. See this page or ask a Fokus Health staff to look into the program you purchased for more details. You also should have received an invoice via email when you signed up with this information. 

What if I don't live near a Fokus Health location? Am I required to come into the clinic?

As one of the major components of the Fokus program is the metabolic testing, it is highly recommended to visit one of our physical locations to get tested. However, should you opt out of that portion of the program, all of our other services can be delivered remotely. Ask Fokus staff for more details regarding the pricing for a Remote Program.