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To keep you and us safe, at this time FOKUS is not offering metabolic testing due to the pandemic. Furthermore, all appointments will be conducted virtually- either by phone or a video conferencing platform.

How important of a role does nutrition play in prevention?

Both nutrition and exercise are important in maintaining good health and preventing illness. However, the reality of our society is that we are mostly a sedentary species. For many, exercise is not part of our day-job. Some may argue that it is our lack of determination in not committing to working out daily for 30mins to 2 hours; but this may be impossible in some situations. However, we need to eat daily. Not to say we should neglect the importance of exercise, but if we do not improve something that we must do daily, we are more likely to fail. Balanced and healthy bodies are made in the kitchen!

Which health conditions are directly affected by poor nutrition?

Some of the common signs and symptoms that develop during chronic inflammation are listed below:

•    Fatigue

•    Weight gain or weight loss

•    Acne

•    Unresolved chronic pain

•    Abnormal lab results, including cholesterol, glucose levels, blood pressure, liver enzymes, etc.

What is the fokus prevention program? 

It is never too late to take control of your health. The fokus prevention program is a 3-month personalized program for individuals at high risk of a chronic disease, i.e. possess a strong family history or assessed as high risk by a physician.

What is included in the fokus prevention program? 

As with all fokus programs, the fokus prevention program begins with a resting metabolic rate assessment at one of our clinic locations. Below is a timeline summary of the program:

Initial Resting

Metabolic Rate Test



Nutrition & Health


Meal Structure


Follow Up Support

Final Metabolic Test

Following a thorough assessment, which includes a metabolic test and a current nutrition and health overview by one of our registered dietitian nutritionists, a comprehensive plan is created with the primary focus of reducing the overall chronic inflammation in the body. You can learn more about the components of the fokus personalized health plan here.

When your personalized health plan is complete, you will meet with your registered dietitian nutritionist for program introduction, where you will be presented with your personalized health plan, and review your results together. From there on, you will work closely with your registered dietitian virtually, and complete scheduled, in-clinic metabolic tests for the duration of your program.

We recommend all clients on the fokus prevention program to get their cholesterol panel, glucose levels, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) tested by their physician both prior to starting the program and immediately after concluding the program. Though there are no highly effective laboratory measures to assess for chronic inflammation, hsCRP is an inexpensive and good marker of systemic inflammation.

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