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To keep you and us safe, at this time FOKUS is not offering metabolic testing due to the pandemic. Furthermore, all appointments will be conducted virtually- either by phone or a video conferencing platform.

How important of a role does nutrition play in prevention and health?

Both nutrition and exercise are important in maintaining good health and preventing illness. We are committed to assisting you to develop and improve habits in both, but there is often more planning and organization involved with eating. Further, it may be difficult to fit in >45minutes of physical activity daily depending on your work and schedule. Our goal is to assist you in what you must do daily: nourishment. Balanced and healthy bodies are made in the kitchen!

What is included in the fokus program? 

All fokus programs begins with a nutrition and health assessment.


The initial resting metabolic rate test is also highly recommended, as it can guide adequate caloric intake for you to achieve your goals.


Then, depending on the amount of touch points you require, we offer weekly meal plans as recommended by your assigned dietitian, or nutrition therapy counseling with recommended 2 follow up sessions for documented long-term behavioural change. 


Additionally, we offer optional Nutrigenomics testing that may be beneficial for you to learn more about your metabolic genetics. 




Initial Resting

Metabolic Rate Test

Nutrition & Health


Weekly Meal Plans

Nutrition Therapy Counseling

Following your initial assessment, your personalized health plan will be completed and sent to yo, and a virtual meeting will be made with your registered dietitian. Together, you will discuss  and review your results with set goals and action plans to move forward. From there on, you will work closely with your registered dietitian virtually. You may be suggested to complete scheduled, in-clinic metabolic tests for the duration of your program.

We recommend all clients on the fokus programs to get their cholesterol panel, glucose levels, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) tested by their physician both prior to starting the program and immediately after concluding the program. Though there are no highly effective laboratory measures to assess for chronic inflammation, hsCRP is an inexpensive and good marker of systemic inflammation.

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