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Your metabolism is how quickly your body uses up energy. This is important to understand as it can have a tremendous effect on someone trying to alter their weight and/or improve their health.

Your metabolism changes throughout your life, and even throughout the day. You can determine your metabolism by a calculation, but this is not the most accurate way


Use the calculator below to estimate your metabolic rate. Come by a fokus location to measure your actual metabolic rate!

What affects my metabolism?


There are many factors that play a role in how high or low your metabolism may be. 

Body Composition: Whilst it is not entirely incorrect that your percentage of muscle (fat free mass) and fat mass plays a large factor in your metabolic rate, it was previously and incorrectly theorized that fat mass had little to no metabolically active processes. In fact, fat mass is physiologically complex, and research continues to improve our understanding of its complexities. 

Overall Health: Chronic conditions and diseases can also be a significant factor to determining your metabolism. An individual with recent heart attack will have a drastically different metabolic rate than one who is healthy. Depending on the combination of chronic conditions you may have, your metabolism may range differently than an individual who has a slightly different set of chronic conditions, despite the same anthropometrics (weight, height, muscle mass, etc).

What can I do since my metabolism changes so often?


It is recommended to test your metabolism regularly. All fokus programs include non-invasive, scheduled resting metabolic rate (RMR) check-ins and plan updates based on how your body is responding to various dietary and exercise habit changes. Our goal is to better prepare you in facing the various challenges that changing nutrition behaviour presents. 

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