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Summer's over, and it's back to work and school. We all have the best intention to plan, but what happens when the plan fails or gets derailed?

Here are some tips to always have your food relatively "on track":

1. Cook your proteins

There are so many ways to cook your proteins, but our go-to ways are baking, sous-vide with seasoning (use your herbs and spices! Our favourites are thyme, rosemary, cayenne, chili peppers, garlic, soy sauce, pomegranate juice!), pan-fry, InstantPot. Click here for some of our favourite protein recipes!

When putting together a balanced meal, a high quality protein is incredibly important. However, this often is also a time-consuming food to cook. Try to cook proteins in bigger batches in the most simple method (salt, pepper, sous-vide), so you can manipulate with various sauces, glazes, pairings. If you don't finish, you can always freeze these!

2. Keep frozen veggies around

Although frozen is not everyone's favourite, it is great to use in a pinch. Especially when packing your lunch for the next few days. They're also great to stir-fry with some added seasoning.

3. Change up your combinations

For many, eating the same meal more than twice in a week is pretty boring. But changing up the combination of protein-carb-veggies can really help reduce the number of recipes/cooking batches you need to do, yet prevent menu fatigue. When preparing for the week, typically preparing/cooking 2-3 different types of protein, carb, veggies will keep you from sticking out your tongue from boredom. (that being said, some really enjoy the routine, so good on you! It is still highly recommended to switch foods up often as different foods carry different sets of nutrients)

If you want ideas for recipes or meals to prepare, keep checking back here, or on our instagram!

Stay flexible and happy prepping!